Why Choose Quartz Shower Tile?

That is the reason why quartz shower tiles have also become more and more famous and used in the presents – power of durability, low maintenance neediness and beauty. Whether you are thinking about a bathroom remodel or building a new shower, this post can help explain the many benefits and advantages of using quartz.
Durability and Strength
Quartz is a very tough material that comes from the best types of shower tiles. Because they are engineered from natural quartz crystals and resin binders, these tiles are hard and totally resistant to cracking and chipping. Return to the top Quartz is rated a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which exceeds such well-known materials as marble and limestone. This durability means that quartz shower tiles will withstand the use of an every day shower and still look just as good years after the shower has been installed.
Water and Stain Resistance
Quartz is made with a non-porous surface which makes it highly resistant to water and stains. That ability makes for great performance in a moist environment of a shower, particularly with the right sealer as moisture and soap scum can ruin porous surfaces, quickly staining and leading to mold growth. Quartz is non-porous, so water will not absorb into the tiles and make your shower look dirty.

Low Maintenance
It is very easy and convenient to keep a check on superior quality quartz shower tiles. Whereas, natural stone tiles need to be sealed over and over to ensure that water does not ruin the surface and no stains can form; quartz tiles do not need sealing. They just need regular washing with a mild dish soap and water. The fact that quartz is practically a maintenance-free material means that this is well-suited for families that are on the go and can bring the beauty of the bathroom home, without the extra work.
Aesthetic Appeal
Based on its flexibility, quartz is available in numerous colors and styles enabling you to select the best material that suits your design specifications. It is available in designs that mimic natural stone (like granite or marble) and also patterns that give it a cleaner, more modern look that is close to real stone such as concrete. This makes it easier to find the right quartz shower tile that would complement the style and the colour of your bathroom.

Cost Efficiency
In price point, quartz might be more expensive than some tile options, but its longevity is usually worth the extra money in the long-run. The cost for quartz shower tiles will depend on the quality and design where prices of quartz shower tiles can be in the vicinity of $50 – $100 per square foot. But the same longevity and low-maintenance needs can save you money on repairs and upkeep, in the long run, which makes quartz a cost-effective choice.
Eco-Friendly Option
Quartz shower tiles are a green choice. A lot of quartz manufacturers also incorporate recycled materials into their products, which means fewer quarries removing valuable natural resources. Moreover, the fact that quartz is more durable and long-lasting than fragile tiles means that less of it gets tossed out, filling up landfills.
Installation & Configuration
This flexibility is possible because of the several sizes and shapes of quartz tiles available for floor from which you can choose. Whether your ideal kitchen features large slabs cut from quartz blocks — known as engineered stone — creating a seamless appearance, or individually pieced tiles that resemble traditional terrazzo, quartz can be tailored to your own personal vision. A professional will ensure your tile is aligned and sealed correctly, giving you a seamless, stunning shower surface for years to come.
To get into a little more detail and to expand upon your quartz shower tile options, check out the benefits we explain here and learn ways to bring your bathroom to life with applications. It also combines practicality with luxury, which places it among the best options for modern bathroom shower designs.

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